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Custom Development

Theme and functionality development the "WordPress way".

I’ve been working on WordPress since 2013 and have been actively developing on the platform since 2016. I worked with WooCommerce, WP-Bakery and Elementor, done 3rd party code debugging, as well as feature addition and customization.

My primary goal is to create an intuitive and user friendly experience on both the frontend and the backend. Built with SEO in mind with addition of a customized WordPress dashboard might just make a difference between a happy and a frustrated client.

There is no “Wrong way” to code, but there is the “Right way”. Other than enforcing coding conventions, keeping my code clean, optimized and SEO friendly, I heavily rely upon using hooks and filters which allow customizing pretty much anything without overwriting important core or plugin functionality.

Design & Consultation

Turning ideas into functioning digital solutions

However great your idea is, it will require technical planning to make sure it works as awesome as you envisioned it. I will help you decide which frameworks or plugins to use and how should the technical architecture be structured in order to reach your goal with the minimum amount of bugs and issues.

Quick and effective design solutions per request. Need a professional designer for a project? I’d be happy to recommend one of the amazing and experienced UI/UX designers that I work with.

Adding new features or implementing new ideas is crucial for a business to stay in front of the competition. Let me share with you my expertise and help you solve problems you didn’t know exist.

White Label

Custom development for agencies and studios. My code, your label.

The most critical part in any contractor – sub-contractor relationship is communication, which is where I excel by remotely and seamlessly integrating into your team.

My experience as a former graphic designer allows me to easily communicate and understand designers, thus eliminating the unnecessary ping-pong and making the development process smoother and approachable.

I value your relationship with your client and understand the importance of delivering high quality results on time. Let me handle the tech side of the project so you can focus on the important stuff.

WordPress Care Plans

Let me make sure your client's website is always at it's best

I rely on using automatic tools to bring additional value to the table and get more work done: Backups, Vulnerability analysis, Monitoring, Testing and Support.

I take security very seriously and practice using strong passwords, encrypted storage for sensitive information as well as being guided by small bits of good old Paranoia.

In addition to security tightening, I understand how WordPress malware usually works and know how to monitor for and locate it as well as remove it.

WordPress and most of it’s plugins are constantly evolving with new capabilities, security improvements and features. Keeping your website up to date will help make sure it’s secure and error & bug free.

Technical support for WordPress websites can help you with troubleshooting problems, learning how to operate the dashboard of your website and do performance optimization.

Urgent SOS tech support for critical bugs and errors.
Please contact me via What’sApp or Email. Alternatively fill the form, I promise to reply ASAP.

* Please note that SOS support is billed by the hour, starting at 100$/h. Complexity of the issue, as well as the urgency will directly affect the price.